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New project

  • Ministry of Personnel Management
  • Retirement public servants social contribution project support system
  • 2018.07~2018.12

  • Ministry of Personnel Management
  • Education Information Integration System
  • 2017.01~2017.10

  • Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology
  • HRD system
  • 2016.09~2017.02


  • HR Innovation Education Information processing integration system
  • Marine Science Institute HRD system
  • Kt service HRD system
  • kt innoedu - kt innoedu SLP advancement
  • 2017.01.05
  • 2016.08.25
  • 2016.01.25
  • 2015.09.20

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Provides the highest levels of technical expertise and solutions that specializes in the development of various experiences.

Company that is authorized to run power and technical capabilities

With the system since its establishment in 2001, the government, and general business HR (HumanResource) solution company specializing in development, as Human Resource Management (HRM), Human Resource Development (HRD) and other related solution Based on the latest mobile SMART system and information service system Through the establishment of both the technology and performance has been recognized.

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Year founded August 6, 2001
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